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BBc School Report

Arts Success at Mortimer.

 In November, a group of 10 students from MCC were asked to take part in an ‘Art’ project organised by a local art studio.  What we didn’t know at the time was that they would be working with Alex Millar

The students worked with him over 3 days to produce work in his style, when they were asked if they would like to exhibit the work they had done alongside his own at the Great North Museum in March of this year.  Naturally, the students were shocked and a little excited as they never thought their work would be of a good enough standard, but Alex was very impressed with their work, and the students were even more impressed with Alex when they found out why he was doing this.

After a chance meeting on the train, Alex offered to put something together for the Bubble Foundation which is a charity which helps and supports children with leukaemia in the North East.   Our students work is currently on show along Metro Station platforms, leading to the GNM and Alex’s show which opens to the public on the 26th of March.  Our students are looking forward to showing off their artistic side to the world...and their parents!

We did something funny for money!

“If you knew somebody, on your doorstep, who’d walked 11 days because they were starving and needed a quid for food, you’d say, here, have a quid, actually, have five. The point is – forget Geography – These are your neighbours, this is your doorstep” – Lenny Henry

A few weeks Ago, Miss Todd held an assembly about Comic Relief. It was about a boy who couldn’t go to school because his parents didn’t have any money to pay for it. Lots of the students felt that they would like to do something to help, so for Comic Relief we held the following;

  • A non uniform day
  • The sale of cakes – with red noses!
  • Face painting
  • Some staff dressed as school pupils

In total the school raised over £1000 for comic relief. Well done MCC!

Our trip to London

Sixteen lucky students got the chance to visit London, at the beginning of March this year.  After a really early start, the students and staff boarded the train for the 3 hour journey to Kings Cross.  The students arrived in London at 9am – we told you it was early - and checked into The Thistle Hotel, right in the heart of the capital.  

Why do people go to London?  The shops!  Off the students and staff went, for a few hours of souvenir shopping in Oxford Street, after which they got ready for the highlight of their trip. Students and staff saw The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, in London’s famous West End.

This was a once in a life time opportunity and a must see!

On the Sunday, everyone headed out to Covent Garden, a popular tourist attraction for more shopping.  This was soon followed by a boat tour down the River Thames which finished off the visit nicely.  School Reporters Darcey and Stevie said, “We had a brilliant time in London and would defiantly go again!  We would recommend to anyone to go and visit and also to see the show.”

India Links 

One of our Student Welfare Leaders (SWL), Leah Collinson, has asked if some of the students would like to make links with a school in India.  The school is called the Wallawalkar School and it is in Dervan which in the province of Maharashtra in the West of India.

Some students have already agreed to take part in this and they are hoping to start writing to children at the school regularly, and giving them information about our school and our lives here in the North East.  The students have been asked to answer the following questions and send their answers to them:

  •  Our names are
  • Who is in our family
  • Where we live
  • What we like about school
  • What could be better
  • What would we change about school
  • Which community we are in

We are really looking forward to finding out about our friends in India and hope we will be able to meet them in the future.